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With over 50 potent and accepted products in the market, internationally certified manufacturing plant that can handle large volume demand at a short notice and partnership with the world leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, Tyonex Nigeria Limited is acclaimed one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria.

Why Tyonex?
  • Provision of unique and quality products that has been time tested.
  • Integrity and total commitment to service.
  • Certified manufacturing plant that can handle large volume demand at a short notice.
  • Competent and dedicated professionals.
  • Irrevocably committed to provision of innovative brands
Quick Contact
Head Office:
KM 10, LASU-OJO Road, Egan-Igando, Lagos.
Tel: 234-01-8129299,2901034
Fax: 234-0-2694642
Email: info@tyonex.com
Siprosan® Tablets (Ciprofloxacin 500mg)

Drovid® Tablet
(Ofloxacin 200mg)
The above products are broad spectrum, potent and efficacious antibiotic/anti infective drugs.

Capsule (Tenoxican 20mg) This is a potent NSAID with anti inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic properties. It has the least GIT lesion among its peers, (Diclofenac, Piroxicam, Neproxen, Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen). It does not affect the activities of heart, it has long ½ life (so it can be used alternate days). It does not affect ovarian cycle in females.

1g injection (Ceftriazone 1g injection) Broad spectrum, potent and efficacious antibiotics which has created its inches because of its potency. It has both water for injection and lidocaine for i.v or i.m use.

Capsules- The prenatal capsules formulated for efficacy and compliance. It is an ideal product for pregnant and will be pregnant mothers. It is taken just 1 capsule daily. A very active agent in preventing and treating iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy.

Tablet (Vinpocetine 5mg) A memory enhancer that can also prevent acute ischaemic stroke. Stay sharp with cognitol®. ...read more
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